What they're saying...

"What did you like best about the conference?"

With continued interest in the conference and support of our sponsors, we are raising the bar again this year to ensure that this event fosters communication and resource sharing among our neighbors in the Southeast region.

Feedback from past conferences are enthusiastic, praising the high quality of speakers and topics. We strive to continue making this important event possible for all of our participants throughout the Southeast.

When asked "What did you like best about the conference?," some of the comments we received were...

“Speakers keep getting better and better!"

“Great organizers. Networking."

“Perspectives of other states."

“General catch-up on what each state is working on."

“Professionalism of speakers, organizers and attendees."

“Conference is a great value and well worth attending."

“One of THE best conferences I attended during the year!"

“Keynote speaker was absolutely awesome."

“It's just a good conference."

“Good speakers, good length, good networking, good attendees."

“Progressive atmosphere. Regional specialty conference!"

“This was my first experience at the Confluence Conference, and I liked the less formal approach.”

“Thank you for a great conference!”

“The program was fantastic. I loved the diversity of the speakers.”

“Heard so many great things about last year’s event that I didn’t want to miss it this time around.”

“It’s all about the networking for me.”

“Fantastic speakers and topics!”

“I feel the topics covered over the last couple of years have been right on track.  Good variety of speakers over a wide range of topics.”

“Well organized and very interesting.”

“Good blend of perspectives.  Nice to have a mixture of different states represented.”

“The panel format for speakers and fewer PowerPoints! The first thing that attracted me to this conference.”