Confluence Postponed to December

After discussing the overall impact that COVID-19 is having in NC, SC and GA, the Executive Directors are proposing we postpone the Confluence Conference which is currently scheduled for May 28-29, 2020 in Asheville, NC until early December 2020. Taking this proactive step displays our shared commitment to not only focus on the health and safety of our members and the general public, but our desire to ensure the integrity of this impactful event. By making this decision now, we hope to ensure the delivery of a quality event and retain all of the valuable work the committee has put into developing the program. This proactive step allows our volunteers time to focus on the priorities that are currently facing them during this time period. We hope by making this decision, we jointly display how much we value the safety of our members and general public across each our states and beyond. On behalf of the Boards of NC AWWA-WEA, SCAWWA/WEASC and GAWP, we want to thank not only the individuals that have contributed to planning this event so far, but also their employers. We recognize and appreciate all of the time, energy, and sacrifice everyone continuously makes for the betterment of our industry and for public health.
·        Catrice Jones, Executive Director, NC AWWA-WEA (
·        David Baize, Executive Director, SCAWWA/WEASC (
·        Pam Burnett, Executive Director, GAWP (